Politico Poll: 64% Believe America Is 'Out of Control'

"An overwhelming majority of voters in the most competitive 2014 elections say it feels as if events in the United States are 'out of control' and expressed mounting alarm about terrorism, anxiety about Ebola and harsh skepticism of both political parties only three weeks before the Nov. 4 midterms,"

Teen convicted as 'armed clowns' spread panic in French towns - Yahoo News

"Using fake weapons these "clowns" have been "mostly spotted outside schools, but also on public roads, in bushes, in a square. Their targets are often young children or teenagers, but also adults," a police source told AFP."

Denmark tries a soft-handed approach to returned Islamist fighters - The Washington Post

"In other countries, Talha — one of hundreds of young jihadists from the West who has fought in Syria and Iraq — might be barred from return or thrown in jail. But in Denmark, a country that has spawned more foreign fighters per capita than almost anywhere else, the port city of Aarhus is taking a novel approach by rolling out a welcome mat."

Obama says considering appointing an Ebola 'czar' to lead U.S. effort

"Obama resisted pressure from lawmakers to impose a ban on travel from West Africa. He said experts tell him that 'a flat-out travel ban is not the way to go' because a ban would be less effective than current screening measures on travelers to the United States from the region."

Union enrollment plummets for Wisconsin teachers under tough law | Fox News

"Given no choice but to join and pay dues to the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) for decades, teachers have for the last three years been able to opt out. And that is what tens of thousands have done as a result of Gov. Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill, also known as Act 10."

Here's why shale oil stocks are tanking

"The short answer is, because oil is dropping. West Texas Intermediate has gone from $105 to $85 in three months.

But a large part of the problem has to do with the way shale drilling is financed."

$500M worth of US-bought planes destroyed by Afghans, sold as scrap for 6 cents a pound | Fox News

": After sitting unused for some time on the tarmac at Kabul International Airport, the Afghan military decided to destroy 16 of the planes and sell the scrap metal for roughly 6 cents per pound, according to SIGAR, which has launched an investigation to determine how such a large amount of taxpayer dollars were wasted on the fleet."

Krauthammer: Obama’s ‘slide’ weighing down on Democrats | Fox News

"...like Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky,it’s not “just being tied to the president but being pushed to a position where she looks ridiculous, where she will not answer a question like who did you vote for, it's obvious she voted for the president. She's simply had to say I did.”

New at the pot shop: Milder marijuana for novices

"Also new at the pot shop is a light-dose "Rookie Cookie" for people who aren't used to eating medical-grade pot."

Berners-Lee: 'Computers are getting smarter. We’re not' - Telegraph

“Companies,” says web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, “are increasingly going to be run by computers. And computers are getting smarter and we are not.” The only solution, he argues, is for people to embrace new technology, and accept that some jobs will simply disappear."

Keystone Be Darned: Canada Finds a Surprise Pipeline Route Bypassing Obama - Yahoo Finance

"Thus was born Energy East, an improbable pipeline that its backers say has a high probability of being built. It will cost C$12 billion ($10.7 billion) and could be up and running by 2018. Its 4,600-kilometer (2,858-mile) path, taking advantage of a vast length of existing and underused natural gas pipeline, would wend through six provinces and four time zones."

Colorado voters were 'reckless' to legalise cannabis, governor says

"'I'm not saying it was reckless because I'll get quoted everywhere, but if it was up to me I wouldn't have done it right? I opposed it from the very beginning. 

'In matter of fact, all right what the hell, I'll say it was reckless"

Denver Census staffer brings data falsification to light

"hundreds of interviews that go into the Labor Department’s unemployment rate and inflation surveys would miraculously be completed just hours before deadline."

The terrible truth about cannabis: Expert's devastating 20-year study finally demolishes claims that smoking pot is harmless

"One in six teenagers who regularly smoke the drug become dependent on it,

  • Cannabis doubles the risk of developing psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia,
  • Cannabis users do worse at school. Heavy use in adolescence appears to impair intellectual development
  • One in ten adults who regularly smoke the drug become dependent on it and those who use it are more likely to go on to use harder drugs,
  • Driving after smoking cannabis doubles the risk of a car crash, a risk which increases substantially if the driver has also had a drink,
  • Smoking it while pregnant reduces the baby's birth weight."

Hickenlooper faces tough test in re-election bid - Yahoo News

"In the coming weeks, as the TV ad wars ramp up, Beauprez will also have to contend with Hickenlooper's vast fundraising advantage. The governor has raised nearly $4.6 million — four times more than Beauprez — and reserved about $2.4 million in television advertising leading up to Election Day."

Columbus Day will now be Indigenous Peoples' Day in Seattle | Fox News

"The Bellingham City Council also is concerned that Columbus Day offends some Native Americans. It will consider an ordinance Oct. 13 to recognize the second Monday in October as Coast Salish Day."

Welcome to Fantasy Island- Victor Davis Hanson

"Obama has a bad habit of claiming credit for good things that he opposed, and for blaming others for the bad things for which he was responsible. By his appointments (do we remember Steven Chu?), by his rhetoric, and by his policies on new federal energy leases, Obama is on record against horizontal drilling and the fracking of natural gas and oil. Yet now he brags that energy prices are dipping, which is the case precisely because the private sector ignored him and went ahead to take risks to develop more gas and oil on largely private lands."

How Adam Smith can change your life for the better-NYPost

"And yet the villain of “Moral Sentiments” is the “man of system” — the one who seeks to redesign everything according to some master plan, as if society were pieces on a chess board. Such men don’t understand that each individual chess piece has a mind and goal and aspirations of his own, perhaps"