NASA Finds Mysterious Bright Spot on Dwarf Planet Ceres: What Is It? - Yahoo News

 "Yes, we can confirm that it is something on Ceres that reflects more sunlight, but what that is remains a mystery," Marc Rayman, mission director and chief engineer for the Dawn mission, told in an email. [Photos of Dwarf Planet Ceres]"

That time Conan O’Brien interviewed ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle | Entertain This!

"Before he was killed, Kyle made the media rounds to promote his book, including this interview with Conan O’Brien, where you can really get a sense of his mannerisms and sense of humor."

Republicans outfox Democrats on climate votes - Elana Schor - POLITICO

"Senate Republicans head-faked Democrats on climate change Wednesday, agreeing in a floor vote that the planet’s climate was changing, but blocking language that would have blamed human activity."

POLITICO was quite miffed, those rascally republicans kinda did something we found OK. Good old POLITICO, the poor mans Salon, the rich mans Daily Worker...ed

FCC weighs plan to use Russian satellite network for 911 system, raising security concerns | Fox News

"If American astronauts hitching a ride from the Russians to the International Space Station didn't ruffle enough feathers, there's growing concern about a proposal to use Moscow's satellites to transmit America's 911 emergency calls."

Fans defend 'American Sniper' after criticism

"Fans of “American Sniper” rushed to defend the controversial new movie Monday, blasting critics who called it pro-war propaganda and lauding the real-life Navy SEAL ..."

Mystery of Greece's Alexander the Great-era tomb deepens with body discoveries - Telegraph

"During those wars, Alexander’s mother, widow, son and half-brother were all murdered - most of them near Amphipolis."

Two more planets in our Solar System, say astronomers

""The exact number is uncertain, given that the data we have is limited, but our calculations suggest that there are at least two planets, and probably more, within the confines of our Solar System," the Spanish scientific news agency Sinc quoted him as saying.
"If it is confirmed, our results may be truly revolutionary for astronomy."

ISIS executes 13 teens for watching soccer

"The boys were slaughtered because they were said to be violating Sharia laws by watching the game."

Don’t Do It, Mr. Romney- Peggy Noonan

"Regarding that race, the news this week was of Mitt Romney ’s seriousness in considering running again for the nomination. I just spent two days at the Republican joint congressional retreat in Hershey, Pa., and can tell you there was exactly no Mitt-momentum."

Thrown from a roof, stoned to death and crucified: New ISIS executions

  • "ISIS have released photographic evidence of a series of horrific executions

  • They show two men hurled from the top of a tower block for being gay

  • Another shows a woman accused of adultery being brutally stoned to death

  • Two men accused of banditry were shown tied to makeshift metal crosses

  • The crucified men are then shot by IS fighters in front of the baying crowd."

  • DOJ accused of blocking legal gun shops, other businesses from banking | Fox News

    "It turned out there was a list created by a Justice Department program called Operation Choke Point. The list equates legal gun sellers like Schuetz with escort services, Ponzi schemes, people who sell cable TV de-scramblers -- and at least 30 other industries."

    Scott Walker--Sleeper in 2016 GOP Presidential Race? | RealClearPolitics

    "Walker isn’t vying to be the top contender in the Republican field—at least not yet. He’s carving out a spot now as Second Best, a candidate who can build consensus among voters seeking an alternative to the establishment or far right, who will be ready if and when a preferred candidate falters."

    Duke cancels plan for Muslim call to prayer from tower - Yahoo News

    "Instead, Muslims will gather for their call to prayer in a grassy area in front of the chapel before heading into a room in the chapel for their weekly prayer service."

    Offenders of the Western Faith - Victor Davis Hanson

    "Would the Daily News -- usually proud of its often lurid and graphic tabloid covers -- extend such an exemption to Mormons' displeasure over the Broadway play "The Book of Mormon," which trashed their religion? Is it careful not to repeat blasphemies against Christianity or Buddhism?"

    Muslim Call to Prayer to be Chanted Every Friday at Duke University - Breitbart

    "Duke University has a long history of fostering political correctness and hypersensitivity, from Chick-Fil-A’s removal from campus, to hosting a the national Palestinian Solidarity Movement conference, and to canceling a pro-life event in their Women’s Center on campus."

    Pot-based sex spray for women hitting Colorado shelves

    "Foria, which contains marijuana extract, claims the relaxing properties of cannabis will help women have better and more satisfying sex. It's been available for a few months in California, but only to people with a medical marijuana card and doctor's recommendation."

    Shell Hits Soldier as He Argues for Killing Civilians |

    " It was filmed at the Donetsk airport by a pro-Ukrainian documentary
    film maker. It shows a zealous Ukrainian volunteer who is explaining
    there is no such thing as peaceful population in the rebel-held areas –
    everyone should be considered an enemy combatant"

    Eugene Robinson: If Paris Attack Happened In U.S. There Would Be "More Carnage" Because Of Guns | Video | RealClearPolitics

    "In fact, one thing that is different here is weapons are universally available and so it is actually a very good thing that, that the tensions are not exactly the same because we would expect to have a lot more carnage," Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson said on the Friday broadcast of MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports."

    Lafayette, We Are Not Here - Peggy Noonan's Blog - WSJ

    "The absence of the American president shows, too, what America would never in the past have conceded or acknowledged, and it was there in the photos of the order of the march. There in the center of the world leaders was Angela Merkel, leader of the West. I wrote a piece suggesting she had become that last spring. I was disturbed and saddened—actually I was mortified as I watched the entire march on TV in New York—to see that fact played out on every screen in the world."

    GOP state gains threaten Dems’ national power source | Fox News

    "CHARLESTON, W.VA. -- West Virginia is reeling from a political earthquake. The last Republican to serve as speaker of the state House of Delegates, John William Cummins, left office 84 years ago. That was also the last time that both houses of the Mountain State’s legislature were in Republican control."